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Home insect control

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ahmed hamdy, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. ahmed hamdy

    ahmed hamdy New Member

    Jun 1, 2019
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    Bugs Company in Jeddah:
    Insects cause bed bugs in people with insomnia when they are sleeping at night. It causes itching and redness in the skin. It may develop with children or elderly people with skin eczema, due to their weak immune system, and may lead to neglect of the person in performing his tasks and functions. As the incidence of insomnia leads to fatigue and general weakness in the body and therefore is not able to continue to work properly

    Company for combating pigeons in Jeddah: -
    The swarms of pigeons spread heavily over the roofs of the houses and their windows and maneuvering, which causes the spread of unpleasant odors inside the house, and the spread of some insects such as desert flies, which causes many diseases, in addition to Salmonella disease caused by the spread of swarms of pigeons, which affects people with severe neurological diseases and diarrhea It is difficult to cure.

    The Jeddah Bathroom Control Company installs a fiberglass mosquito repellent to prevent bird flocks from co-operating over air conditioners and windows. The bird repellent is installed over roof roofs and maneuvers to protect them from bird feces, which also attracts harmful insects to the place and is an epidemic place for all family members.

    Al-Atta Company in Jeddah:
    The prevalence of dementia insects is not limited to unclean environments only. As it moves when the purchase of used furniture is not clean, it will be between the internal staff of the minute, so it is necessary to speed communication with the fork of the fight against dementia grandmother when the sensation Baldgat Ataba night injury The redness of the skin and the spread of very small insects tend to dark brown.

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