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how to get rid of insects

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ahmed hamdy, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. ahmed hamdy

    ahmed hamdy New Member

    Jun 1, 2019
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    The company against white ants in Jeddah: -
    Ants attack white buildings, farmland and gardens and do not leave green or dry and do not spend it. Because it feeds on cellulose, which is found in a large number of food and drink, papers and clothing, and feed on clothes and documents, as well as paint and cement bricks may spread even feed on the basic materials cement, which may expose the building to fall and collapse at any time God forbid, The white ants sprinkle the building and its doors and windows.

    Insecticide company in Jeddah termites: -
    It also feeds on agricultural crops in the case of agricultural land and even agricultural soil absorbs cellulose and thus lose the soil fertility and become Bora is not suitable for agriculture, so the company to control insects in white ants termites completely by spraying spraying kerosene pesticides dedicated to eradication and eradication, The trenches are drilled in agricultural land to exterminate endemic insects.

    Company to fight mice in Jeddah: -
    Rodents are found in wild places, bird breeding grounds, or farmland. They are a common cause of panic among family members, as well as diseases such as plague. Therefore, the company to control mice in Jeddah eliminate them through the establishment of traps and the installation of traps in the places and movements of rodents, and at the entrances and exits of the place, and spray pesticides that are acquired from the nervous system of these rodents and tearing it immediately.

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