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how to get rid of insects

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ahmed5462, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. ahmed5462

    ahmed5462 New Member

    Oct 5, 2019
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    With reliance on sewage and sewage pipes to be hideouts, the rates of transmission of serious diseases that could perish in the lives of the elderly and children if they move into foods are increasing, but with the presence of an insect control company, there is no need to panic.

    The company guarantees its customers effective results in the long term with guarantees and certificates by the company won the trust of its customers everywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with complete annihilation and without any side effects on the pesticides used during the spraying process.

    Insect control company in Ras Tanura has long suffered from the problem of dealing with insects since it finds that his life was threatened with annihilation due to the bite of an insect, in addition to the insects with the foot of its lobes are the only survivor of the old extinction era that passed the globe .

    So it is no wonder that there are many damages and dangers to the insects that we are still experiencing today, but at the same time find that the progress and development we have achieved was the most credited in the revolution and the expansion of the spread of pest control companies, led by insect control company Ras Tanura.

    The company has sought to be the first in the field thanks to its continuous striving and hard work towards providing the perfect service to customers, and indeed has been able to do so and evidence of its great reputation for the quality of its services among the citizens of Ras Tanura and the Kingdom and perhaps our article for today will witness little on the quality of services provided by the company.

    Methods of work adopted by an insect control company in Jubail
    There are many, many ways and methods used by an insect control company in Jubail to provide an ideal service, and the secret of the diversity of these methods is due to the diversity and diversity of insects that are dealt with, so each insect requires specific ways to kill them without return.

    In general, however, you find that the methods follow a well-planned plan:

    First of all, it is up to the customers themselves to contact the company for insect extermination services.
    Immediately send the inspection and detection team composed of experts in tracking the effects of insects to identify the hiding places and the size of the infected spots and on the basis of which the necessary labor, equipment and pesticides are determined by the type of insect found.
    In accordance with the time agreed upon with the client, the team comes wherever you are to start working on insect control using the previously selected method of insecticide and insecticides sufficient to eliminate the infected spot and the hiding places of insects until their holes and internal colonies.
    After full confirmation by the team that the insects have been exterminated with the elimination of eggs as well as sterilization and disinfection of the place with cleaning of the insects left over from the residues and residues until the environment is completely safe for customers gentlemen.
    Termite control company at the head of the skirt
    One of the most serious problems faced by humans in relation to the problem of insects is the risk of termites, which has become a common problem is no longer limited to a particular place, but on Alasam find that buildings like construction or residential buildings full, as well as for agricultural land and trees and all furniture and wood pieces threatened Termite risk.

    The reason for the insect's seriousness is that its main food is cellulose, which is the most prevalent material today which is found mainly in wood and trees and is included as a sub-element in many other industries such as paper, furniture, etc.

    Ras Tanura insecticide company dealt with this serious problem in several different ways, including the following:

    For the infected doors and windows or the main entrances to that insect, holes are usually made underground in the places surrounding those doors provided that the appropriate amount of pesticides inside the equivalent of 4 liters enough to reach the location of the continuum to eliminate them completely.
    Whereas, if trees or palms are from the affected areas, a trench is made about 50 cm from the area of infection and pumped with a termite repellent with insecticides that do not have any effect on the fertility of agricultural land.
    While burial spraying is one of the types of preventive spraying in the early stages of construction is one of the best types because you provide full protection against the risk of termite infection after completion of construction and in the long term.

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