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Legal Modifications List

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Azuraii, Oct 6, 2016.

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  1. Azuraii

    Azuraii The next Jacob Sartorius

    Aug 28, 2016
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    This is the complete list of modifications that we currently allow on QuantumMC. If you have an issue with these modifications or wish to have a modification added to the list, feel free to message a member of the administration about it!
    We currently condone the use of:

    • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
    • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications).
    • Armor and status effect hud modifications.
    • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
    • Minimap modifications, provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems.
    • TooManyItem's Recipes or NotEnoughItem's Recipes.
    • Optifine.
    • 5zig Mod.
    • Damage Indicators.
    • Schematica.
    • World Downloader.
    • Toggle Sneak/Toggle Sprint (is allowed as long as they do not provoke an anti-knockback glitch that happens when you use an older version of forge combined with the mod. If you take no knockback, this will be treated as a "Hack/Exploit", and a punishment will take place.)
    • Any core mods that allow these mods to run, such as LunatriusCore, BspkrsCore, etc.

    Any other categories of modifications should be treated as disallowed. This includes modifications such as sprint modifications, LabyMod and macros*.

    * Macros and key rebinding are not the same thing! You are allowed to rebind keys within Minecraft to any button, including any additional buttons you may have on your mouse. You are not allowed to use macros, which include things such as automated clickers and mapping chat or commands to buttons, regardless of if it is a Minecraft modification or external application.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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