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QuantumMC Beta!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Azuraii, Dec 4, 2018.

  • by Azuraii, Dec 4, 2018 at 4:25 PM
  • Azuraii

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    Aug 28, 2016
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    ♫ It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year ♫

    It's that time of the year again; a time of sharing gifts and eating roast around the dinner table. So, to join in with the joy of Christmas and to celebrate the New Year, we have decided to sprinkle a little of our own Christmas Spirit.

    Beta Release Time:
    Tuesday, 11 December 2018 at 8:30pm (GMT +0)

    Full Release Time:
    Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at 8:30pm (GMT +0)

    Server IP:

    Discord Server:

    We are proud to present to you Stage 1 of QuantumMC. Over the past two years, we have developed a Semi-OP Faction server based off of the suggestions and ideas of various Minecraft communities. We have tried our absolute best to create the best possible experience for all.

    The final step to making the project a success is to have your tick of approval. We invite you all to participate in an official testing of QuantumMC which will last a total of one week. The idea of this is to rid of as many issues within the server to present you with the best experience possible. It'd be our pleasure to have you on-board. You can report any issues you find under the Server Support section on the forums, and your own suggestions under the Suggestion section.

    Here are a few features we have included. Not all features will be listed here.

    Players have the ability to place bounties on each other. When a wanted player is killed, their head drops and the player who achieved the kill is rewarded with the bounty price. Each bounty times out after 48 hours. Use /bounty to get started.

    Trade items with other players across a GUI. Players from both sides can see all items being exchanged. Use /trade to get started,

    GUI shop where items are categorized and can be purchased and sold using left and right click.

    Money can be withdrawn from balanced and turned into a physical bank note with /withdraw (amount). Right-clicking with banknote adds amount back into balance.

    Based off of CS:GO's StatTrak. Can be applied to any weapon. Displays kills and owner of an item in the lore. The item becomes unbreakable and will not drop from a player's inventory upon death.

    Just a slight bit of fun. Use /moo to moo at each other.

    Two players go head to head in an intense coin toss. An agreed amount is deducted from both players, bets are placed, and the winner takes home the lot. Use /cf to get started.

    Trash and Treasure
    A GUI based "buy and sell" store run by players with separate sections for listing certain items.
    The store auto-detects which section specific items are sold in. Items are automatically returned to seller after 5 days if they are not sold. Use /ah or /trashandtreasure to get started.

    Renameable Playervaults
    Players have the ability to name their vaults to organise their gear in an orderly fashion. For example, after renaming your first player vault to TNT with /pvrename TNT, that player vault becomes accessible by using
    /pv tnt rather than /pv 1.

    Factions Implementations:
    - /f setwarp (password) and /f warp allows players to set faction warps. Warps have the option to be password protected.
    - /f perm: Set permissions for each rank within the faction.
    - Faction and ally chats (/f cf and /f c a. /f c p for public chat).
    - /f access (username/faction name): Give a player/faction access to your claim. Command toggles on/off.
    - /f title (username) (title): Can set titles within the faction.
    - Faction Ranks: ***Leader, **Co-Leader, *Mod, +Member, -Intern.
    - /f top - Displays top factions (20 per page) based on the worth of items within their territory. Hovering over the faction name in the list displays a list of items they have in their territory.
    - 40 power by default for each player.
    - Obsidian takes 5 hits of TNT to break.
    - Autoclaim: claims chunk as you pass into them.

    Random Implementations:
    - 80% spawner drop rate when spawners are blown up (TNT or Creeper Egg).
    - When spawners are placed, they only have 25% spawn rate. After 24 hours they have 50%, after 48 hours 100% spawn rate. This discourages players from removing their spawners while they're offline.
    - Spawners take 10 seconds to break with any item and/or including fist. Spawners will drop no matter what item is used.
    - Players who logout in enemy territory will be automatically relocated to spawn after being inactive for 15 minutes.
    - /sellhand (Sells all of the specific item held in a player's hand).
    - /sellhand (Amount) (Sells a certain amount of items in hand from inventory).
    - /sellall (Sells all sellable items from inventory).
    - 10K x 10K overworld border.
    - 2.5K x 2.5K End border.
    - Lots of crates and keys to enjoy (including a key that could get you any key at an equal rate).
    - Ability to display items in the chat.
    - Sellwands.
    - Six KoTHs per day.
    - Items to help players find their death points.
    - Advanced and interactive chat.
    - Toggleable chat filter.
    - Custom mob drops (Potions from witches, TNT from creepers, and more).
    - 45-second cooldown on golden apples.
    - Equal balance between potion and golden apple PvP.
    - Cobblestone, obsidian, and sand Genbuckets.
    - Speedrun parkour.
    - mcMMO (Without combat advantages).
    - Advanced moderation tools and reporting system.
    - Pay for starting ranks with in-game money.
    - The bottom of the End is bedrock instead of void.
    - /tntfill or /tf (amount) (radius) - Fills surrounding dispensers with TNT.
    - Flying for Regular+ in spawn.
    - Stackable buckets (Up to 32).
    - Hunger depletion has been nerfed.
    - /nv - Night vision.
    - Wither is disabled in all worlds.
    - Sponges/wet sponges are broken with 1 hit.

    Finally, for each major bug or glitch, a filed report to staff in the Server Support section of our forums could earn you a promotion within our donator rank system. If you work hard enough, you could potentially make it to the top!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

    The QuantumMC Staff Team
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Azuraii, Dec 4, 2018.

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