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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Azuraii, Oct 6, 2016.

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  1. Azuraii

    Azuraii The next Jacob Sartorius

    Aug 28, 2016
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    The following rules apply to the QuantumMC Server, Discord, and Forums

    The following rules apply to the QuantumMC Server, Discord, and Forums. All of the chat rules apply to any of the chat systems we have. An example of this would be private messaging or faction chat.

    All users are to read and follow these rules to avoid punishment. If for any reason a rule needs to be changed or modified, the QuantumMC Administration has the right to do so.

    Using an alternate account to avoid punishment such as a mute or ban is prohibited on QuantumMC. If caught doing this, your ban/mute may be extended and the alternate account will be banned.

    Respect All Staff Members
    All decisions made by the QuantumMC staff team are considered final. Please do not argue with the judgment made by one of our staff members. If you feel a member of staff is being abusive, please contact the administration team on the forums or message them privately.

    We may remove or lock threads of which the sole purpose is to publicly complain, shame, or rage about staff members. These issues should be dealt with privately and may be discussed in private with the administration team.

    Account Security and Sharing

    As a player on QuantumMC, you are responsible for the security of your Minecraft and QuantumMC website accounts. If another user gains access to your account by any means, you are still responsible for your account. Please make sure that your passwords are secure and that you never give them out to anyone.

    To note, we do not allow the sharing of Minecraft accounts used on QuantumMC. If your account is shared with another user and they break a rule which results in punishment, the punishment will remain on the account regardless of any claims that you weren't the person using the account. This could, in some cases, also lead to a punishment being carried over to other accounts you own if we believe it to be a case of you evading your punishment.

    Advertising is not Permitted

    Advertising other servers on QuantumMC or forums will result in a ban from the server and/or forums. This includes sharing an IP or website/domain (other than that of QuantumMC) in public chat, messaging system, pet names, etc..

    Advertising your faction name, inviting, or publicly offering any player to join your faction will be allowed in server chat. However, if you spam it or annoy other players it will result in a mute.

    Buying and Selling Minecraft Accounts

    If you choose to buy a Minecraft account from someone else (a practice that we do not recommend), please note that if you find it is banned from the server, it is NOT our responsibility to unban it. That account had a history before it came into your ownership, and it stays with the account.

    To protect the users of this server, we also do NOT allow the sale (or advertising of) Minecraft accounts on QuantumMC or Forums. This is because selling Minecraft accounts is a commonly used avenue for scammers. Not allowing these sales is the best way for us to protect the users of our server.

    Do not Impersonate or “Pretend to be Someone”

    Impersonating is a serious offense on QuantumMC, as we do not take this lightly. If you witness someone impersonating a YouTuber or Staff Member etc., please contact a Moderator as soon as possible. Impersonating to be staff on the forums is not allowed. Please do not trick someone to think you are able to do something that you can’t.

    You can recognise staff members by looking at their tags:
    Vice Moderators will have the light red [VM] prefix,
    Moderators will have the light red [M] prefix,
    Administrators will have a dark red [A] prefix.
    Developers will have an aqua [D] prefix.
    Owners will have a dark red [O] prefix.

    Inappropriate Language and Content is Forbidden
    Please be mindful when speaking to others. We want to create a welcoming community, but we understand the need for occasional banter between players and factions. We simply ask that you consider using respectful language when communicating. This also includes posting links to inappropriate content (e.g. adult content). We are all human and we all like QuantumMC. Please be respectful and kind to others while playing games, or even lounging in lobbies. Please refrain from using language other than English on the server.

    Illegal Threats Are Not Permitted
    Any threats or actions that lead to, include, or promote illegal activities are not permitted. This may include but is not limited to DDoSing, doxing, threats to DDoS, and/or Swatting, etc..

    Note: threats and actions that do not directly refer to illegal activities are still considered an offense. "Toaster frying" threats will be taken seriously.

    In Game Scamming is Permitted
    Scamming is permitted on the server, however, players misrepresenting items for sale in the Trash and Treasure will not be tolerated. This includes renaming items as if they are something they are not (such as iron golem spawners, custom enchant books and the like). If this occurs your item will be removed and action will be taken.

    Insiding a faction is not considered scamming. Be wise about who you team with!

    Furthermore, TP/TPA Killing and Traps are allowed. However, traps that remove a players ability to /spawn or /home will result in removal from the server without warning. Examples of bannable traps are those that would render the player completely unable to play (i.e. if the trapper were to log off the player would be stuck there indefinitely). If a player chooses to enter a dangerous area they do so at their own risk. Please be advised that coaxing a staff member into a trap or killing them through ways such as asking them to teleport to witness a hacker or to fix an issue is also an offense.

    Real Money Scamming / Chargebacks
    Scamming someone out of real money will result in permanent removal from the server. Chargebacks will also result in permanent removal from the server.

    Purchasing ranks for another player other than yourself or in trade for items in-game is permitted, however, players who agree to this type of transaction are placing themselves at risk.

    Offenders of the above mentioned are extremely unlikely to be unbanned.

    20 Chunk Buffer Limit
    Factions are allowed a maximum of 20 chunks buffering their base. A 20 chunk buffer equates to 160 walls (for some perspective). The buffer is measured from the EXTERIOR WALL OF YOUR BASE and does NOT include the base itself.

    If a faction has a buffer that exceeds 20 chunks, they may be asked to correct the issue themselves, or the issue may be resolved manually by a member of staff.

    If a faction reclaims that area, the buffer faction, or the main faction risk further repercussions including (but not limited to) warnings, bans, unclaiming of land, and disbandment.

    Continued offenses could result in complete and permanent removal from the server, disbanding of your faction or the like.

    Do not Spam or use Excessive Capital Letters

    Spam of any type is not permitted. The minimal requirement for it to be classified as spam includes, but is not restricted to, the posting of same or similar messages consecutively, a repetitive number of times within the space of a few or more seconds. Messages comprising of all or a large number of caps is also considered spam. Spam on the Forums will not be tolerated, spamming posts or threads will either get you suspended or banned from the forums.

    Faction Punishment
    If any player were to use modified/hacked clients with intentions to present an unfair advantage for said player’s faction, the player will be banned (temporarily or permanently) in addition the faction may also be punished.

    Offensive Skins and Capes are not Permitted
    Skins and capes that are offensive or sexually explicit are not permitted on QuantumMC. Anyone using a skin or cape of such nature will be warned at first sight, but further consequences may follow if the use of the skin or cape is continued.

    Offensive Usernames are not Permitted
    Usernames that could be considered offensive like, sexual topics, bad words or distasteful are forbidden. Failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban from the server.

    Client Modifications
    The use of Minecraft client modifications on QuantumMC is strictly moderated and monitored. While some types of modifications are allowed, please keep in mind that you are responsible for all activity on your account even if you are unaware that a modification is interfering in any way.

    What is a Blacklisted Modification?
    Anything which gives a significant advantage to players’ in-game is a blacklisted modification. Also, modifications which alter the way that your client sends data to the server are strictly disallowed, even if they fall into an allowed category.

    A list of legal modifications can be found HERE.

    Cheating or Exploiting is Prohibited
    This includes:
    - Using any form of Hacked Client which gives an unfair advantage against other players.
    - Using any of the disallowed modifications found above.
    - Exploiting any kind of bug or glitch.

    All bugs and glitches can be reported HERE.

    Discord Rules
    Rules that are listed above are still enforced in the Discord server. Please read the rules below that relate to the QuantumMC Discord.

    - Playing music (at a reasonable volume) is allowed with the consent of all users in your channel.
    - Playing music (above a reasonable volume), random sound files (i.e. sound bites) or using a voice changer is forbidden.
    - Voice recording on Discord without the permission of users or a staff member is forbidden.

    Please note that some countries/states consider it illegal to record another person’s voice without their consent, so please familiarise yourself with your local laws. We cannot and do not take responsibility for your actions in this regard.

    - Names that can be considered offensive or inappropriate are not allowed.
    - Trolling, screaming, or acting in an immature manner will not be tolerated.
    - Do not annoy or bother the staff members too much!

    Failure to follow Discord Rules will result in a kick or ban from the QuantumMC Discord server.
    Your actions on Discord may also result in a ban on the QuantumMC server if necessary.

    Forum Rules


    - Photos must not contain any nudity or sexual reference, meaning no fake anime girl or real photos that fall under the category of pornography.
    - Photos must not contain any reference to drugs or alcohol, we do not want to advertise any product that might be offensive or inappropriate on the QuantumMC Website.
    - Photos must not encourage violence, racism, or any misconduct. Please keep in mind that any sign that relates to these categories are not allowed.


    You are expected to comply with the following guidelines. All users who do not follow the guidelines will be dealt with as such stated at the bottom of this post.

    What can you hyperlink?
    Signatures cannot have any links in them that contain harmful cyber trash such as but not limited to viruses, harmful cookies or account stealers (phishing).
    You ARE allowed to advertise your social media pages, as long as it follows our network rules and other guidelines. Any signatures with animated images (.gif) or videos that contain flashing lights are not allowed, as these can cause seizures and can be harmful to other users.
    Non flashy animated images are allowed.
    Dragon Cave or similar sites that contain clickable pets, Internets or karma are allowed.

    Videos in spoilers
    Signatures can only contain videos if they are wrapped in spoiler tags. Videos must be appropriate for all audiences and follow our network rules and guidelines regardless of whether or not it is in a spoiler.

    Common courtesy
    Please remember that every user that has signatures enabled can see yours. This means to use the space wisely knowing that it will not be only you who sees it. Having too many animations or wasting space with a list will annoy others. Use your signature to let people know who you are, or to share social media with them. Many people love to show off achievements too.
    Attacking a person or featuring a user in your signature should only be done with their permission. We don't want signature wars on our server.

    The QuantumMC Network Rules are subject to change at any time; you are responsible for keeping up to date with them. The QuantumMC Administration has the right to add, remove or modify any and all items on the list of rules and regulations. Thank you for reading and following these rules.
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