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Pending ~Staff Application Request

Discussion in 'Staff applications' started by Owen, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Dec 26, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Name: Owen

    Age: 15 coming up 16 soon.

    Your current Minecraft username PhythonShark

    Do you have the ability to record video without lag, and upload that video to YouTube?: No I don't have OBS or any recording software
    What is your Country Abbreviation and Time Zone? (E.g. UK - GMT)

    How much time per day are you willing to assist in the moderation?: Like 5 - 6 hours a day

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 5 years MCPE a few months java

    Do you have any bans on our server? no

    Have you been a member of another community’s staff, or have relevant work experience? If so, please describe your experience. No I have never been staff on any other server and I don't own a server myself.

    Why do you want to be Staff on QuantumMC?:I want to e staff not like some people do and just show off their awesome prefix, but to help others and catch hackers

    Why do you believe you are qualified to be a moderator on the QuantumMC?: Ive been on many servers and they said that I would be a good role model for staff as I'm very kind and caring

    How would you like to see the QuantumMC community improve?: I would like to see the player count inprove and also the ban count go up as us staff will ban them.

    What are 3 qualities you have that you feel you could improve?: Less hackers, More Helpful players. and if possible the player count

    In each scenario, assume that you are in a Moderator position. Briefly, explain to the best of your abilities how you would respond to each situation.

    1. You are playing a game and you see a player whose actions seem suspiciously like hacking. However, you are not quite certain. What do you do? I record them, watch what happens for a while then send the video to a higher Staff.

    2. A player on the forums publicly accuses you of abusing your powers. They claim to have proof and are demanding that you be fired. What do you do? I just ignore the hate and tell a higher mod

    3. Two players on the TeamSpeak are verbally fighting in a public channel with 5 other people, and things are getting out of hand. What do you do? i step in there and end the Argument. I wont take any side to the argument and just ask to stop. if they continue ask permission from higher staff members to come and mute them.

    4. You are watching the newest video of your favourite Streamer / YouTuber, who happens to be a popular player on the server. Suddenly, you realize they are using a hacked client during the recording. What do you do? Ask for higher staff to come down to check if its real or fake then get permission to ban.

    5. A player is incessantly spamming an annoying phrase over and over again. How would you handle this player? I warn them if they carry on till the third warning I'll mute them for a period of time

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