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the best way to clean your house

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ahmed5462, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. ahmed5462

    ahmed5462 New Member

    Oct 5, 2019
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    Due to the confidence of Qatif Tanks Insulation and Cleaning Company in the level of service they provide, it provides all dear customers a guarantee attached with the service contract. , And the warranty periods are always relatively long, up to years.

    customers service
    Al-Qatif Tank Cleaning Company's customer service is always the first face for all dear customers. Therefore, the senior management was keen to select the customer service team accurately and investigated, and stipulated that they have certain qualities, such as the package to talk and speed of intuition and the ability to communicate information to the customer Simplified and smooth, all these qualities will be touched by yourself Dear customer when you first deal with them, they are available 24 hours to answer all queries, and provide assistance with welcome, and even help customers and the delivery of information to them makes them feel very happy.

    Multiple payment methods
    Since the capabilities and capabilities of each customer is different, the company has been keen to isolate and clean the reservoirs in the news to adopt several methods of payment, such as payment via Visa or Mastercard as well as cash payment, and the company has made multiple ways of communication such as communication via mobile phone or e-mail Or via social media pages, no matter how the customer chooses to get in touch with us, they will find someone to respond to them immediately and help.

    Other services for tank insulation company in Qatif
    Qatif Tanks Insulation Company is pleased to tell you dear customer that it is a full service company, offering a large number of services such as a comprehensive cleaning service for every corner of the houses, villas or palaces, as well as cleaning sofa and boards brushes with the option of manual or steam washing, knowing that washing The manual is made by a group of the best international quality cleaning agents.

    We also offer all kinds of insect control services such as termites, bugs, cockroaches, goose bumps, etc., washing of carpets, curtains, rugs and all heavy furnishings.

    The method of cleaning and washing water tanks as carried out by the personnel of the water tank cleaning company in Dammam:
    The process of washing the tanks inside our company is as follows:

    1. The team shall empty the tanks from the water in it, using coarse brushes, in order to get rid of all impurities and sediments attached to the bottom and walls of the tank.

    2. After the water is completely discharged, it will wash the tank several times using the best cleaning agents.

    3. Fill the tank with enough water, add the appropriate chlorine and leave it for about a quarter of an hour to sterilize the tank.

    4 - Then comes the step of discharging the tank again, to get rid of water soaked with chlorine, by opening the stopcock.

    5. Re-fill the tank with clean, clean water and suitable for use in any field.

    Why we recommend using the water tank cleaning company in Dammam
    With the best company offer you the best offers and discounts to all our valued customers, and continuous throughout the year, in addition to that it is a company other than the rest of the companies in the field of cleaning tanks, provide the best services at the highest level at the lowest prices, offering exclusive prices, you will not find with any major company Others. Therefore, we advise you not to waste your time searching for the cheapest and best tank cleaning company at the same time and contact us, at any time, and do not hesitate, you will find us wherever you are the cheapest tank cleaning company in Dammam.

    Best tips provided by the best tank cleaning company in Dammam
    When choosing the type of water tank make sure it is made of a material that prevents the growth of algae and germs.

    When you leave your house, make sure to empty the water tank completely.

    Make sure to clean the tank weekly, especially the floor and the walls.

    The company advises you to take care of the tank cleaner always and never, to live a life free of diseases and epidemicsf

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